How We Got Started

A Passionate Owner
Fitness and Art have always been sources of Creative Outlets for Amy Sutter. Designing choreography for a variety of Group Fitness Classes, crafting music playlists for In-Door Cycling sessions, sketching logos, and painting murals are just a few ways she has fulfilled her Creative Passion. In 2010, Amy began a journey that unbeknownst to her would result in the merger of these two interests. What was the quest? Training for her first Bodybuilding Competition. 

Background to the Story
In the summer of 2007, just after graduating from Pratt Institute with a Masters of Professional Studies in Design Management, Amy accepted a classmates' invitation to visit their family's home in India. Amy gladly accepted and viewed this trip as a way to Celebrate the goal of completing this two year masters program. The trip far surpassed anything Amy could have imagined and she felt extremely fortunate to have enjoyed the experience! However, a couple weeks after returning home, Amy began to run a high fever, among other symptoms, and ended up taking another "First Trip" of sorts, an Ambulance Ride to the hospital. Fifteen days later, after experiencing every test imaginable, the doctors stabilized Amy enough to allow her to be released from the hospital, but without any formal diagnosis. Fortunately, Amy had access to homeopathic doctors whom ultimately cured her. Needless to say, this internal trauma to Amy's body weakened her physically and thus she spent the next two years working toward rebuilding her stamina with the ultimate goal of returning to her former level of fitness.

Re-Thinkin the Goal
Two years later, Amy set her sights on running her first marathon. She decided that if she was going to run a marathon, then it had to be in her favorite town NYC. So she entered the NYC Marathon Lottery in hopes of gaining entry, began training and had reached the ability to run 16 straight miles, but unfortunately did not score a runner's number through the lottery system. Always lookin' for that next challenge, Amy decided to COMPLETELY change gears; compete in a Bodybuilding Event!

The Inspiration
As a lover of both Art & Fitness, Amy has always viewed the Human Form as Sculpture and has held a high level of respect, appreciation and amazement regarding the chiseled frames achieved by both female and male Bodybuilding Athletes. Now, with the marathon option squelched, Amy decided to seriously pursue competitive bodybuilding and hired trainers whose expertise was Competition Preparation. Thirteen weeks later, September 2010, Amy competed in her first Bodybuilding event. Going into the event, Amy was determined not to be "One & Done", and when she hit that stage - Amy caught a Fever Higher than India could ever bring on! A few weeks later, Amy took out the Women's Open Bodybuilding Heavyweight Class Winner to score her first Overall Win and qualify for National Level Competition!

A Source of Motivation
At the end of the 2010 competition season, Amy decided to put together a visual, tangible source of motivation that she would wear everyday while training for the 2011 competition season. Her love of sterling silver jewelry immediately caused her to gravitate to her jewelry box. She pulled out three of her favorite silver necklaces each carrying a single sterling silver symbol; a cross, a Navajo symbol for "The Fire Within" and the Sterling Silver Barbell that was part of her Overall winnings mentioned above. Wearing all three necklaces together proved to be cumbersome, plus it didn't showcase each charm. So, she found a piece of black leather cording  and tied each charm to the cord and then tied it around her neck at a choker style length. The motivational message she formulated was "You have to have Strong Faith and the Fire Within to Build True Inner Strength!". The necklace became a conversation piece both in and out of the Gym and Amy began to refer to the necklace as her "Mojo Trainin' Necklace". People began to suggest that Amy build upon that thought and develop a concept. Amy's creative juices began to flow and divine inspiration played its part in blending two positive forces; Mojo and Motivation, the outcome "MoJoTiVaTioN - Positive Power". Next came the tag line: "Hard Core Bling for Hard Core Athletes!". 

Full Throttle
Amy is now applying the same Drive, Determination, Dedication and Diligence she puts forth when training for a Bodybuilding competition toward building the MoJoTiVatioN - Positive Power Brand. Beyond the Virtual applications of the MoJoTiVatioN - Positive Power website, on-line store, FaceBook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and her Chisel Challenge Blog, Amy has been taking MoJoTiVatioN - Positive Power on the road to Triathlons, Cycling Events, Running Events and Bodybuilding Competitions. She is thrilled to add yet another virtual store to the MoJoTiVatioN Mix through Etsy as this will provide another avenue to spread inspiration for others to Stay Strong & Share Their Strength!